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Dangerous but Uncommon Autoimmune Conditions: a Rare Autoimmune Disorders List

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When the body’s immune system goes rogue and begins attacking normal cells, unpredictable things may happen to the body. You may experience various symptoms such as small bald patches appearing on the scalp, loss of colour in the skin until it appears white, hearing begins to fade, and many more. It can be a dangerous disease and has many conditions which you will find on this autoimmune disease list.

The worst part is that autoimmune related diseases are becoming increasingly common in the western world.  Nobody knows exactly what is causing this outbreak of autoimmune disease related problems.  We do know that genetics plays some kind of a role, as does environmental factors.  Award winning researcher and science writer Donna Jackson Nakazawa believes that man-made chemicals are to blame for the recent jump in autoimmune disease occurrences.  

Whatever the underlying causes may be, one fact remains certain: autoimmune disorders are difficult to treat.  There is only so much medicine to do to help the body fight against itself.  Some have looked to the East for answers.  

According to the Australian Society of Clinical Immunity and Allergy (ASCIA), autoimmune diseases affect 1 in 20 people.  Thyroiditis and arthritis are very common diseases.  On the other hand, several rare types of autoimmune disorders also exist.  

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#1: Pemphigus

Desmoglein forms a glue-like substance that your body uses to hold skin together.  When these cells are mistakenly targeted as intruders by a haywire immune system, blisters form on the skin.  With time, these blisters fall off and develop into sores.  In severe cases, pemphigus sores may cover a large portion of the body.  If immunosuppressant steroids are not used to halt the progression of this disease, the sores may become infected, leading to even more serious health complications.

#2: Goodpasture Syndrome

The so-called “basement membrane” lines the lungs, kidneys and other vital organs, keeping them in place.  If Goodpasture syndrome sets in and the basement membrane is attacked by the immune system, the body starts to fall apart from the inside.  If doctors don’t act quickly to suppress the immune system or remove antibodies from the blood using plasmapheresis, the patient may die a quick death.  Fortunately, Good pasture syndrome only occurs in 1 out of a million people.

#3: Kawasaki Disease

Kawasaki disease is a rare autoimmune condition that primarily affects young children.  Scientists believe that it may be triggered by the onset of a viral infection.  In Kawasaki disease, medium sized blood vessels are attacked.  In the rarest but most dangerous form of this condition, the white blood cells go after the heart.  With treatment, less than one percent of children with Kawasaki disease die in the United States.  

#4:  Addison’s disease

When most people hear the word “adrenaline” they think of the fight-or-flight response.  Adrenal glands help super-charge the body in the event of an emergency, but they also do a wide range of other important things in the body including helping the kidneys process carbohydrates, fat and blood sugar.  

If the immune system destroys the adrenal glands, at some point sufferers of Addison’s disease will experience what is referred to as an adrenal crisis.  Confusion, fever, convulsions, psychosis, slurred speech, and sudden pain in the legs, abdomen and back are signs that the disease has progressed. If you’ve found any symptoms from this autoimmune disease list which sound similar to your situation, contact your doctor immediately for testing.

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